Yellow Roses Healing, LLC​

Helping horses work through their physical and emotional imbalances, so they can heal and live their best life pain free.

My Services

My main focus is on using what knowledge and skills I have to help your horse.  Every first appointment includes a full assessment of your horse.  After the assessment, I will discuss with you my findings and we can go over each package I offer, and set up a schedule that best fits what your horse may need.  Setting up a schedule for your horse will ensure progress on their healing journey.  Special discounted pricing is available upon discussion.  Below is a list of my packages, with a description and pricing.  Also listed is a list and description of each modality I provide.  

Travel is offered, fees apply** over 50 miles.

**Travel Fees:  50-100 miles $30.  After 100 miles it is $0.25/mile

Maintenance Package


This entry level package is for the owner who is looking for basic maintenance on their horse.  It includes craniosacral and massage therapies for each session and is typically a max of 2 hours.  This package is a great way to keep your athlete feeling their best through training as well as in the off season.

Performance Package


This mid-level package is for the owner who has an athlete that needs more than just basic maintenance.  Sometimes horse athletes need more assistance through their career to keep them feeling and performing their best.  This package offers all of the Maintenance package along with one other modality that I offer.  These sessions can last 2-3 hours.  

Ultimate Package


This top level package is for the owner who has a horse with pain and wants to find the core root of it and help their horse heal.  These sessions can take more than 3 hours, as long as the horse is willing.  This package is a process and will require a minimum of 4 sessions and all modalities if needed.   A serious package for the serious owner.  My work is not done at the end of each session.  I continue to work and find the best solutions to helping the horse find healing.  The price includes 4 sessions and willing to discuss payment options.  Additional sessions of this package are $200 each. 

Description of Modalities

Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy

Most people know of massage therapy.  The benefits allow more blood flow to tense muscles which in turn help them relax.  I have the ability to find areas of tension with my hands and focus to release that tension.  My focus with a massage is not only what I feel, but watching the horse and their energy.  I also incorporate Shiatsu, which focuses on the meridian lines.    

Equine Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is the focus of the cerebral spinal fluid flow.  When the fluid is not flowing correctly, this can be seen in your horses posture, performance, and even behavior.  I am able to help open up any blocks in the flow and allow their system to get back to normal.  I also focus on the cranial bone structure and symmetry. 

Equine Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology taping has been used on human athletes for years.  Which is why it is also beneficial to horse athletes.  Kinesiology tape helps bring more oxygen to the area, increase blood flow, and helps reduce pain and inflammation.  This is a great therapy by itself, but also with one of my other services.  The tapings should last anywhere from 3-7 days, or more.   

Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release

ANMR is a form of body alignment.  My focus is on the communications between the muscular and neurological systems.  With my adjustment tool, I am helping reset that communication and allowing the animal's body to realign and heal itself.  It takes more than one session for this modality to work.  I am able to work on animals, big and small.

Universal Quantum Therapy (UQT)


UQT is a special technique developed by an amazing healer and my teacher, Tish Stiles.  This is an energy technique that allows me to work on people or animals, in person or remotely.  I focus my attention on my books that allow me to work on all systems of the body.  There is so much in our systems that are linked to one another and I can help find the disruption of energy and help balance it.  The price varies depending on whether I am working on a person or animal, as well as the type of animal.  I run 2-3 sessions per day, depending on what I find in my first run through.  This is not reiki, but is a form of energy work that has been proven to work.  

*Price above reflects horses.

Small animals:  $30/day

People:  $80/day

Balancing of Mind, Body, and Emotions


My emotional balance and release technique is great for not only animals, but for people as well.  Negative emotions that are held on to can eventually affect a person or animal physically.  Emotions are linked to organs and organs can affect the rest of the body.  Sometimes an ailment is directly affected by an emotion.  I am able to find the negative emotions, help the person or animal release those emotions, and then I will replace with positive emotions.  After, I then balance all the chakras that need balancing.  I am able to use this technique in person and even remotely.  The price varies depending on whether I am working on a person or animal, as well as the type of animal.  The session is 30 minutes or longer, depending on how many emotions need released and balanced. 

 *Price above reflects horses.  

Small animals:  $25/session

People:  $60/session